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Practicing Maths Functionalities


During a Level 1 or Level 2 Functional Skills maths exam, learners may be asked to complete questions using various system functionalities, such as using an onscreen protractor to measure angles, creating bar charts and drawing shapes.


To support our learners, we have created a tool to provide them with the opportunity to practice these functionalities.


We strongly recommend learners take the opportunity to familiarise themselves with these functionalities prior to taking their exam.


The functionalities are listed below in question number order, click here to access this tool.


1.   Scatter diagram / line graph

2.   Bar chart

3.   Pie chart - grayscale

4.   Pie chart - multi-colour

5.   Using grids

6.   Tally chart / frequency table

7.   Drawing 2D shapes on squared paper

8.   Draw 3D shapes on triangular isometric paper

9.   Drag and drop net shapes

10. Ruler

11. Protractor.


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