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Functional Skills Practice Papers 


Our onscreen practice tests allow you to not only familiarise yourself with Functional Skills papers, but also allow you to practice using our onscreen testing software, SecureAssess.


Important information


Although these exams are designed to be a true representation of live onscreen exams, in order to mark the exam please ensure that the learner does not click finish at the end of the exam as this will exit the exam and lose all work.  Mark schemes are available for each exam.


Please select a qualification from the right hand side of this page to view the available practice exams. If you would like more information about our practice papers please contact a member of our customer services team on 0121 270 5100 or email us



Functional Skills Practice Papers

English Levels 1 & 2

ICT Levels 1 & 2

Maths Levels 1 & 2