Skillsfirst Course Endorsement Service

Announcing the launch of a brand new Course Endorsement Service

What is the Skillsfirst Endorsement Service?

The Skillsfirst endorsed courses are developed and owned by training providers and delivered by employers or independent training providers. They are validated and certified by Skillsfirst.

It’s an opportunity for centres to develop and deliver new CPD courses or enrichment courses either standalone or alongside their Skillsfirst portfolio

Who is this for?

Employers and training providers all over the world who want to deliver niche and specialist training which meets the needs of their business, industry sector or local region. Our Course Endorsement service helps businesses to increase profitability and achieve sustainable growth through investing in endorsed and specialist up-skilling.

How is the Skillsfirst Endorsement different to other regulated qualifications?

Skillsfirst Endorsement courses differ from regulated qualifications as the training course curriculum content and learning resources are not developed by Skillsfirst, but developed and owned entirely by the training provider or employer. Skillsfirst will not conduct any exams or student assessments, but from time to time may conduct a remote or physical observation visit to review the training being delivered. Students will not receive a regulated qualification but will receive a certificate of attendance. Skillsfirst will undertake a comprehensive review of the training materials, physical and staffing resources in place to support the endorsed course.

How do you apply for the Skillsfirst Endorsement?

To apply for the Skillsfirst Endorsement you will need to complete the below. After this, a Skillsfirst Quality and Business case Review will take place, followed by a virtual meeting between the two parties. After the contracts and terms have been discussed and agreed upon, the Endorsement will be put in place, and the quality team will monitor its progress.

Application Form