Commercial Procurement and Supply (formerly Public sector commercial professional) Level 4 – ST0313

Commercial Procurement and Supply 

The work of procurement and supply professionals includes the process of procurement, or buying goods and services; however, these roles can be much broader than just procurement. These roles can extend to a huge range of related commercial activities such as influencing policy, financial analysis, engaging in contract law, and developing strategies to deliver services. The variety of goods and services that procurement professionals are responsible for is vast: goods could range from buying a plane to negotiating new stationery supplies. Securing services could include: finding new and innovative IT systems, outsourcing translation services or closing a deal on a construction project for a new building.  

Encompassing the entire procurement cycle, achieving Level 4 in Procurement and Supply will enable an individual to use their breadth and depth of experience to position themselves as fully effective commercially skilled professionals, with transferable skills and career options that span the public, private and charitable sectors. 

Gateway Requirements

The decision to take an apprentice through Gateway is made between the employer, training provider and apprentice.  Full-time apprentices typically take 2 years with a minimum of 12 months on-programme working towards the apprenticeship standard. The apprentice must have completed all on-programme elements before they enter Gateway, including Level 2 English and Maths, along with Level 4 Diploma in Procurement & Supply with the Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS).

End-point Assessment 

EPA consists of two assessment methods weighted equally in their contribution to the overall EPA grade. The apprentice must gain a pass or distinction in the project report before undertaking the presentation and questioning assessment.

Project Report (PR)

Apprentices must produce a project report based on a project completed in their workplace, after the EPA gateway. Skillsfirst will agree on the title and scope of an apprentice’s project as a gateway requirement with the employer ensuring that it aligns with their business needs.

The apprentice should complete their project proposal unaided. The Project report must have a maximum word limit of 5000 words (+/- 10%), be presented as a formal business report including an executive summary (this will not be included in word count) an introduction, a literature review, research and findings, recommendations and conclusions and be referenced using a recognised standard such as the Harvard Referencing System. 

Presentation & Questioning

Apprentices must complete a presentation and questioning with an EPA panel. The EPA panels must consist of an IEA and a technical expert.  The role of the technical expert is to provide information to the IEA in terms of the apprentice’s workplace policy and procedures if required and create a realistic presentation environment. Technical experts must not provide information on behalf of the apprentice or seek to influence the IEAs decision.

The apprentices must give a 10-minute (+/- 1 minute) presentation on their work role and responsibilities relating to commercial procurement and supply.

This is followed by six open questions relating to procurement and supply practice, within a 30–35-minute period; follow-up questions are allowed to seek clarification. These six questions will include a minimum of 1 question from each of the knowledge, skills and behaviours sections.


The IEA will not provide the apprentice (or their manager) with a preliminary grade, as it will be subject to Skillsfirst internal quality assurance processes.  Skillsfirst will aim to confirm the apprentice’s final and overall grade approximately 10 working days after the last assessment.


Once moderation is complete and the apprentice has successfully completed all EPA methods, Skillsfirst will activate certification through the Apprenticeship assessment service.  Certificates will be sent directly to the employer.   

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