Recruitment Resourcer Level 2 – ST0321

Recruitment Resourcer 

A Recruitment Resourcer may be employed in any organisation that requires a recruitment function. Their role is to identify, attract and shortlist candidates for the recruitment process to fulfil the requirements of the business brief and provide resourcing support to the recruitment function. They may also be required to identify new business opportunities. Typical responsibilities for a Recruitment Resourcer are:  

  • Research, identify, attract and shortlist candidates for the recruitment process to fulfil the requirements of the business brief 
  • Identify new business opportunities through a variety of means and refer these opportunities to a recruiter
  • Meet all procedures and carry out relevant processes to ensure industry codes of ethics and relevant legislation are adhered to

Gateway Requirements

The decision to take an apprentice through Gateway is made between the employer, training provider and apprentice, typically after 12 months on-programme. The apprentice must have completed all on-programme elements before they enter Gateway, including one level 2 knowledge qualification and one level 2 competency qualification.  Also required is the completion of Level 1 English and Maths and completion of the Level 2 test prior to taking their EPA.

End-point Assessment (EPA)

EPA consists of two discrete assessment methods. These can be delivered in any order – via remote assessment – and are weighted equally in their contribution to the overall EPA grade.

Assessment MethodWeightingDurationMinimum grade ≥ 55% – ≤ 79%Maximum Grade > 79%
Resourcing Project Assignment30%Up to 14 days from RPA issue datePassDistinction
Professional Discussion70%45 – 60 minutesPassDistinction

Resourcing Project Assignment

The RPA is an assessment that will be sent to the apprentice within 72 hours following gateway confirmation. It has been designed to assess the apprentice’s knowledge, skills and behaviours in ‘Candidate Sourcing and Compliance’, as outlined in the assessment plan.

The apprentice will complete the RPA within 14 days of issue, to the required standard, as they would in the real work environment.

Part one requires the apprentice to compose a job advert from a job description, person specification and client profile provided.  The job advert has a word count of 350 (+/- 10%), a minimum of 315 words and a maximum of 385 words, this includes any titles.

Part two requires the apprentice to answer three supplementary questions provided.  The questions will be synoptically worded, to allow the apprentice to cover a wide range of the criteria associated with this assessment, as outlined in the assessment plan. The answers to the supplementary questions have a word count of 1100 (+/-10%). Any words above the 10% word count threshold will not be marked.

Professional Discussion

The PD is a structured interview made up of a series of questions and is an opportunity for the apprentice to demonstrate their competence in knowledge, skills and behaviours in Business Development, Candidate Management and Compliance, as outlined in the assessment plan.

The PD takes place after the completion and marking of the RPA and within 8 weeks post gateway confirmation.


To achieve a pass the apprentice must gain at least 40% in each assessment and 55% overall. Employers feel that this would demonstrate a minimum requirement in each method whilst still achieving competence as a Recruitment Resourcer.

There is no restriction on the grade that can be awarded to an apprentice if a resit has taken place.


The IEA will not provide the apprentice (or their manager) with a preliminary grade, as it will be subject to Skillsfirst internal quality assurance processes. Skillsfirst will aim to confirm the apprentice’s final and overall grade approximately 10 working days after the last assessment.


Once moderation is complete and the apprentice has successfully completed all EPA methods, Skillsfirst will activate certification through the Apprenticeship assessment service. Certificates will be sent directly to the employer.


Learners who complete these qualifications above will also be eligible for professional registration of the Institute of Recruitment Professionals or Institute of Recruiters.

You can download a copy of the information on this page here

A link to the Recruitment Resourcer standards page can be found here