BUSD4 – VTCT (Skillsfirst) Level 4 NVQ Diploma in Business Administration (RQF)

Qualification summary

This competency qualification is ideal if you lead or manage a team that delivers administrative support.

In addition to the core mandatory units, you can choose from a list of optional units to ensure the qualification reflects your job role. These cover topics such as negotiation in a business environment, presentation delivery, budget management and encouraging innovation.

If your current job role does not involve supervisory or management responsibility, you may find our Level 3 Diploma in Business Administration (RQF) more suitable to your needs.

On completion of this qualification you could progress onto other Skillsfirst qualifications, such as:

  • VTCT (Skillsfirst) Level 5 NVQ Diploma in Management and Leadership (RQF)
  • VTCT (Skillsfirst) Level 5 Diploma in Principles of Management and Leadership (RQF)
  • VTCT (Skillsfirst) Level 5 Diploma in Operational and Departmental Management (RQF)

The development of this qualification was supported by employers across a wide variation of industry sectors. For details of a training provider or college in your area please contact our customer services team.

VTCT (Skillsfirst) Level 4 NVQ Diploma in Business Administration (RQF) Handbook

Qualification structure

A minimum total of 57 credits must be achieved to gain the qualification as follows:

All 18 credits must be achieved from Group M and minimum of 26 credits must be achieved from Group OA

The remaining minimum 13 credits can be achieved from Group OA or Group OB. 

A minimum of 30 credits must be at Level 4 or above.

Total Qualification Time (TQT) is 570

Guided Learning Hours (GLH) are 296

Qualification numberQualification reference

Group M – mandatory units

unit no
unit no
Unit titleUnit LevelCredit ValueBarred Unit(s)
Y/506/1910BUS40Communicate in a business environment34
T/506/1946BUS62Manage the work of an administrative function45
D/506/1956BUS67Resolve administrative problems46
T/506/2952ML9Manage personal and professional development33

Group OA – optional units – administration

unit no.
unit no
Unit titleUnit LevelCredit ValueBarred Unit(s)
D/506/1911BUS41Contribute to the improvement of business performance36
H/506/1912BUS42Negotiate in a business environment34
K/506/1913BUS43Develop a presentation33
M/506/1914BUS44Deliver a presentation33
T/506/1915BUS45Create bespoke business documents34
F/506/1917BUS47Monitor information systems38
J/506/1918BUS48Evaluate the provision of business travel or accommodation35
K/506/1944BUS60Manage an office facility34
M/506/1945BUS61Analyse and present business data36
A/506/1950BUS64Contribute to the design and development of an information system45
F/506/1951BUS65Manage information systems46
R/506/1954BUS66Support environmental sustainability in a business environment44
H/506/1957BUS68Prepare specifications for contracts44
M/506/1959BUS69Manage events46

Group OB – optional units – general

unit no
unit no
Unit titleUnit LevelCredit ValueBarred Unit(s)
D/506/2153CUS35Champion customer service44
A/506/1821ML11Manage team performance34
J/506/1921ML12Manage individuals’ performance34
Y/506/1924ML14Chair and lead meetings33
J/506/2292ML16Encourage innovation34
K/506/1927ML17Manage conflict within a team35
M/506/1928ML18Procure products and/or services35
K/506/1930ML20Implement and maintain business continuity plans and processes34
M/506/1931ML21Collaborate with other departments33
J/506/1949ML25Develop and maintain professional networks43
Y/506/1955ML27Develop and implement an operational plan45
M/506/1962ML28Encourage learning and development43
T/506/1980ML30Initiate and implement operational change 44
F/506/1982ML32Develop working relationships with stakeholders44
K/506/1989ML34Manage physical resources4 4
K/506/1992ML36Prepare for and support quality audits4  3
T/506/1994ML37Conduct quality audits43
A/506/1995ML38Manage a budget44
R/506/1999ML40Manage a project47
L/506/2004ML41Manage business risk46
A/506/2032ML42Manage knowledge in an organisation45
R/506/2909ML43Recruitment, selection and induction practice46
J/506/2048ML46Establish business risk management processes55
R/506/2053ML47Promote equality of opportunity, diversity and inclusion55
D/506/2055ML49Design business processes55

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