The Exam Platform

Skillsfirst XAMS is the online platform used to deliver Reformed Functional Skills qualifications exams.

This area provides you with all of the information you will need to schedule, invigilate and view results of Skillsfirst Reformed Functional Skills exams.

We strongly recommend that you familiarise yourself with the information in the XAMS user guide below before installing the Safe Exam Browser and XAMS offline player.

XAMS User Guide

There are 2 steps to installing the exam platform.

You will need to complete both of these steps prior to your learner sitting their exam.

Step 1 – Installing Safe Exam Browser

Safe Exam Browser is a web browser designed to carry out online exams safely by changing any computer into a secure workstation. It regulates the access to other websites and prevents learners from using unauthorised resources.

Safe Exam Browser is the only platform authorised by Skillsfirst for learners to take their Reformed Functional Skills exams online.

The following document will guide you through the process of installing Safe Exam Browser on Windows/macOS operating systems.

Safe Exam Browser Installation Guidance

Step 2 – Downloading the VTCT Exam Launcher

Once Safe Exam Browser has been installed on the device the exam is due to be taken on, you must download the VTCT Exam Launcher. You can download this below.

VTCT Exam Launcher

Once you have downloaded the zipped file you can extract the file contained inside to your desktop, and once launched you will be directed to the XAMS exam platform.

Please note: If you are conducting Functional Skills exams from 27th February 2023, you will need to delete the previously used Skillsfirst RFS Exam Launcher and download the above VTCT Exam Launcher.