RPD4 – VTCT (Skillsfirst) Level 4 NVQ Diploma in Recruitment (RQF)

Qualification summary

This competency qualification has been designed for the recruitment executive who has progressed with their career in the recruitment industry. At this level they are required to show that they can work at a higher management level and demonstrate autonomy in completing assignments and tasks, managing team activities and making strategic decisions.

Learners who achieve this qualification could progress onto the:

  • Level 5 NVQ Diploma in Principles of Management and Leadership (RQF)
  • Level 5 NVQ Diploma in Management and Leadership (RQF)
  • Level 5 Diploma in Operational and Departmental Management (RQF)

or similar vocationally-based qualifications.

VTCT (Skillsfirst) Level 4 NVQ Diploma in Recruitment (RQF) Handbook

Qualification structure

A minimum total of 63 credits must be achieved to gain the qualification as follows:

All 53 credits must be completed from the group M

A further 10 credits need to be achieved from group O

Guided Learning Hours (GLH) are 309

Total Qualification Time (TQT) is 630

Qualification numberQualification reference
RPD4 600/8288/4 

Group M – mandatory units

unit no.
unit no.
Unit titleUnit LevelCredit value
R/600/9587MA3Develop, maintain and review personal networks44
M/600/9791MF9Analyse the market in which your organisation operates45
T/504/6962REC1Identify client recruitment requirements33
A/504/6964REC2Pre-select candidates33
R/504/6967REC4Match and present candidates to employers34
A/504/6977REC7Carry out candidate debriefing34
A/504/6963REC10Develop resourcing plan for recruitment services34
Y/504/6968REC15Build and sustain strategic relationships with clients46
R/504/6970REC16Market for potential candidates44
M/504/6975REC17Coach and support candidates45
J/504/6965REC19Carry out candidate assessment44
F/502/8612SA301Negotiating, handling objections and closing sales34
K/502/8622SA304Buyer behaviour in sales situations33

Group O – optional units

unit no.
unit no.
Unit titleUnit LevelCredit value
T/601/2580BA421Manage budgets45
J/504/6979REC12Co-ordinate flexible workers36
H/502/9929REC13Conduct market research36
K/504/6960REC18Advise clients on strategic recruitment planning45
L/502/8631SA307Preparing and delivering a sales presentation34
M/502/8654SA402Monitoring and managing sales team performance45
A/502/8656SA403Developing sales proposals45

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