MAND3 – VTCT (Skillsfirst) Level 3 Diploma in Management (RQF)

Qualification summary

This qualification has been designed for first line managers with some responsibility for:

  • managing budgets
  • allocating work to team members and/or colleagues
  • achieving specific results
  • and some degree of decision making

The qualification aims to give you an opportunity to develop your management performance within your working environment, become more effective in your role and to progress in your career.

To achieve this level 3 qualification you will take five mandatory units focusing on the principles of business, leadership, team and people management supported by the managment of your own personal and professional development. You will then choose from a diverse range of optional units to complete the qualification, tailoring your learning to meet your individual and organisational needs, such as:

  • Manage conflict within a team
  • Implement and maintain business continuity plans and processes
  • Develop working relationships with stakeholders
  • Recruitment, selection and induction practice
  • Manage events
  • Resolve customers’ complaints

This qualification is suitable for job roles in any sector that involve management and leadership responsibilities, such as, but not limited to:

  • Section manager
  • First line manager
  • Assistant manager
  • Trainee manager
  • Senior supervisor
  • Junior non-commissioned officer in the Armed Forces

This qualification does not require you to have any prior qualifications or levels of previous learning. There is no minimum age requirement for this qualification.

Learners who achieve this qualification could progress onto the:

  • Level 5 NVQ Diploma in Principles of Management and Leadership (RQF)
  • Level 5 NVQ Diploma in Management and Leadership (RQF)
  • Level 5 Diploma in Operational and Departmental Management (RQF)

or similar vocationally-based qualifications.

It is supported nationwide by employers in every sector. For a list of training providers and colleges in your area that deliver this qualification please contact our customer services team.

VTCT (Skillsfirst) Level 3 Diploma in Management (RQF) Handbook

Qualification structure

A minimum total of 55 credits must be achieved to gain the qualification as follows:

All 31 credits must be achieved from the mandatory Group M.

A minimum of 17 credits must be achieved from Group A

A maximum of 7 credits can be achieved from Group B

A minimum of 48 credits must be at Level 3 or above.

Guided Learning Hours (GLH) are 284

Total Qualification Time (TQT) is 550

Qualification numberQualification reference
MAND3 601/3523/2 

Group M – mandatory units

unit no.
unit no.
Unit titleUnit LevelCredit ValueBarred Unit(s)
D/506/1942BUS59Principles of business310
T/506/2952ML9Manage personal and professional development33
A/506/1821ML11Manage team performance34
F/506/2596ML15Principles of leadership and management38
R/506/1937ML24Principles of people management36

Group A – optional units

unit no.
unit no.
Unit titleUnit LevelCredit ValueBarred Unit(s)
T/506/1820ML10Promote equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace33
J/506/1921ML12Manage individuals’ performance34
L/506/1922ML13Manage individuals’ development in the workplace33
Y/506/1924ML14Chair and lead meetings33
J/506/2292ML16Encourage innovation34
K/506/1927ML17Manage conflict within a team35
M/506/1928ML18Procure products and/or services35
T/506/1929ML19Implement change35
K/506/1930ML20Implement and maintain business continuity plans and processes34
M/506/1931ML21Collaborate with other departments33
A/506/1933ML22Support remote or virtual teams34
F/506/1934ML23Participate in a project33ML40
J/506/1949ML25Develop and maintain professional networks43
Y/506/1955ML27Develop and implement an operational plan45
M/506/1962ML28Encourage learning and development43
A/506/1981ML31Discipline and grievance management43
F/506/1982ML32Develop working relationships with stakeholders44
K/506/1989ML34Manage physical resources44
J/506/2907ML35Manage the impact of work activities on the environment44
K/506/1992ML36Prepare for and support quality audits43
T/506/1994ML37Conduct quality audits43
A/506/1995ML38Manage a budget44
R/506/1999ML40Manage a project47ML23
L/506/2004ML41Manage business risk46
A/506/2032ML42Manage knowledge in an organisation45
R/506/2909ML43Recruitment, selection and induction practice46
M/506/2044ML44Manage redundancy and redeployment46

Group B – Optional units

unit no.
unit no.
Unit titleUnit LevelCredit ValueBarred Unit(s)
M/506/1895BUS35Buddy a colleague to develop their skills23
L/506/1905BUS39Employee rights and responsibilities22
D/506/1911BUS41Contribute to the improvement of business performance36
H/506/1912BUS42Negotiate in a business environment34
K/506/1913BUS43Develop a presentation33
M/506/1914BUS44Deliver a presentation33
A/506/1916BUS46Contribute to the development and implementation of an information system36
M/506/1959BUS69Manage events46
K/506/2169CUS30Resolve customers’ problems34
R/506/2151CUS31Resolve customers’ complaints34
D/506/2170CUS32Gather, analyse and interpret customer feedback35
F/506/2176CUS36Review the quality of customer service44
T/505/4673HSPW2Health and safety procedures in the workplace22

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