Practice Papers

Functional Skills Practice Papers

We are pleased to offer Skillsfirst registered learners a number of a Functional Skills onscreen practice papers at each subject level. These are representative of our live assessment papers and will enable Skillsfirst learners to support and familiarise themselves with the testing platform prior to their exam and support learners in getting exam ready for their live assessment. 

In addition, we have introduced new functionality that allows the learner to download their responses so that they can be marked by their tutor / teacher. 

Please follow these instructions to access the practice papers and new functionality:

You will need to use Google Chrome to sit a practice exam. 

Once you have launched the exam you will be prompted to enter your name. Please enter your full name and press ‘Complete‘, the practice exam will then begin.

At the end of the exam press ‘Finish‘.

You will see a loading bar that states ‘Getting your downloadable results‘. After around 30 seconds, this will update to say ‘Download your results‘, by choosing this option you can either print off your responses or send them electronically to your tutor. Please note, you must press ‘finish’ on the exam in order to download your responses. 

Please select from the practice exams below:

Reading Level 1 Reading Level 2
Exam 1        Exam 2        Exam 3     Exam 1        Exam 2        Exam 3      Exam 4
Writing Level 1Writing Level 2
Exam 1        Exam 2        Exam 3     Exam 1        Exam 2        Exam 3      Exam 4
Maths Level 1Maths Level 2
Exam 1        Exam 2        Exam 3      Exam 4Exam 1        Exam 2        Exam 3      Exam 4

Click here to download the mark schemes (zipped folder – 13MB)

Note to learners

Please check with your training provider or college that you are registered with Skillsfirst for Functional Skills, prior to using these practice assessments. 

If you have any questions please email [email protected]