Health & Social Care

The Health and Social Care sector provides people across the UK with private, voluntary and statutory care services.

There are many different and complex roles in this ever expanding sector and an increasing need to attract younger individuals and up-skill existing employees. These qualifications have been designed to confirm and develop people’s skills and knowledge across a range of job roles.

Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) applies to all workers and managers in adult social care. It reflects a development model which values and promotes greater recognition of all roles within social care, paid and unpaid, and which enables flexible career pathways.

Social care employers increasingly have to compete to recruit and retain high quality workers, CPD opportunities are a key reason for any discerning worker’s choice of sector or organisation. Having a stable staff group enables continuity of service during periods of change and avoids the spiral of low morale in which staff ‘churn’ affects workers’, self-worth and quality of service. Offering the right CPD is therefore key to attracting and keeping staff, helping them value the work they do.

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