Justice Sector

The Justice Sector employs around 76,000 people (including those in the Probation Service). Each year, millions of people use the services provided by the Justice Sector across the UK. They include 500 courts and tribunals and 133 prisons in England and Wales.

The role of the Justice Sector is primarily to protect the public and reduce re-offending. It also offers a more effective, transparent and responsive criminal justice system for victims and the public. It is an occupational sector responding to social and individual challenges, risks and severe needs. The sector covers probation, policing, prisons, rehabilitation and immigration enforcement.

The Justice Sector is overseen by the Ministry of Justice which works in partnership with other government departments and agencies to reform the criminal justice system, serve the public and support the victims of crime. The Ministry of Justice is also responsible for making laws, strengthening democracy and safeguarding human rights.

Being a dynamic and ever-changing occupational area, new roles in the Justice Sector have been created to reflect the ever-demanding and growing needs. To reflect these new roles, Skillsfirst have developed a qualification as preparation for work in public, voluntary or private organisations within the Justice Sector.