Teaching & Learning

The number of staff supporting teaching and learning in schools has risen steadily from 2011 to 2018; from 43.37% of the total school workforce to 52.14% over the same period. There are now a total of 493,862 staff supporting teaching and learning in schools (figures from Statistical First Release 2018). Increasing workforce numbers together with the age profile of the current workforce mean there will be an ongoing demand for learning support staff in schools.

Appropriately trained and deployed staff, supporting teaching and learning in schools, play a crucial role in supporting pupils, parents and colleagues.

Employers have helped to design these revised qualifications to support the increasing demand for trained support staff in schools, attract new people to the sector, up-skill the workforce and replace those who leave or retire. These qualifications are suitable for a wide range of support roles including:

  • teaching, classroom and learning support assistants
  • special needs assistants
  • behaviour support assistant/coordinators
  • pastoral/welfare assistants
  • foundation stage assistants
  • team leaders

In 2012 The Teaching Agency became a new executive agency of the Department for Education

They are responsible for ensuring the supply of high quality teachers, training and teacher regulation. The agency delivers policy for teachers and instructors; those working in Early Years; classroom-based school support staff; special educational needs co-ordinators SENCOs; educational psychologists and examination officers.

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