DPC1 – VTCT (Skillsfirst) Level 1 Certificate in Skills for Employment (RQF)

Qualification summary

The Level 1 Certificate in Skills for Employment (RQF) recognises the generic employability and personal development skills that help learners to look for, obtain and maintain employment. In particular, it develops key personal skills, qualities and attitudes required by employers across all vocational sectors. This qualification also helps learners progress to further learning. They meet the Personal and Social Development (PSD) requirement within Foundation Learning.

This qualification has been developed for the widest range of learners possible: young people and adults, those who are pre-employment, in employment or between jobs. This has been designed to meet the needs of anyone who wishes to seek, gain and retain employment or progress to further learning. It also allows you to learn, develop and practise the skills required for employment and provide valuable recognition of skills and/or knowledge.

You might be someone inexperienced in the world of working and want to gain further skills and confidence to become more employable or continue in education. You could also be an experienced worker and looking to build on your skills and experience or continue in education. This qualification will enable you to progress onto further learning, including qualifications such as Functional Skills, Essential Skills and vocational qualifications, and into employment. There is a wide range of units allowing you to choose the ones that meet the needs of your own personal and career development or work role.

This qualification does not require you to have any prior qualifications or levels of previous learning. There is no minimum age requirement for this qualification.

VTCT (Skillsfirst) Level 1 Certificate in Skills for Employment (RQF) Handbook

Qualification structure

Learners must achieve a minimum of 15 credits from Group A and/or Group B and/or Group C and/or Group D – a minimum of 8 credits must be at Level 1.

Total Qualification Time (TQT) is 150 hours

Minimum Guided Learning Hours (GLH) are 97

Qualification numberQualification reference

Group A – optional units

unit no.
unit no.
Unit titleUnit LevelCredit valueBarred units
T/5016327DP10Interview skillsEntry 31DP26
F/507/9592DP11Work awarenessEntry 32 
A/502/1299DP13Learning about the range of opportunities at workEntry 33 
T/502/1303DP14Understanding workplace values and practicesEntry 33DP44
A/501/6880DP15Career planning and making applications13DP32
F/501/6878DP16Planning for progression13DP125
D/507/9597DP17Effective skills, qualities and attitudes for learning and work13DP37
K/501/6891DP18Work-based experience13 
A/501/5826DP20Positive attitudes and behaviours at work11DP37
J/501/6395DP22Learning from work placement12 
L/501/5958DP23Searching for a job11DP45
Y/501/5848DP24Applying for a job11 
M/501/5824DP25Preparing for an interview11 
R/501/5847DP26Interview skills11DP10
R/502/2863DP29Preparing for and learning from interviews13 


Group B – optional units

unit no.
unit no.
Unit titleUnit LevelCredit valueBarred units
T/501/6330DP32Career progressionEntry 31DP45
A/507/9154DP37Conduct at workEntry 31DP17 DP20
H/501/6338DP38Speaking confidently at workEntry 31 
D/501/6337DP39Presenting accurate documentsEntry 31 
F/502/4303DP41Managing your timeEntry 31DP57
L/600/1312DP43Understanding conflict at workEntry 31DP59
Y/507/9596DP44Rights and responsibilities in the workplace13DP14
J/501/5814DP45Career progression12DP32
J/600/7805DP46Introduction to health and safety awareness in the workplace12DP58
T/501/5811DP47Building working relationships with colleagues12 
D/501/5821DP48Building working relationships with customers12DP86  IH01
D/501/5849DP50Solving work-related problems12 
L/501/5829DP54Self-management skills12 
K/502/3596DP57Managing your time12DP41
M/502/3616DP58Being safe and healthy at work12DP46
Y/502/3609DP59Understanding conflict at work11DP43
F/505/4109DP124Business communication13 

Group C – optional units

unit no.
unit no.
Unit titleUnit LevelCredit valueBarred units
T/501/6330DP60Introduction to ICTEntry 33 
K/501/6938DP61Supporting othersEntry 33 
R/502/0465DP66Working as part of a group12DP130
J/502/0463DP67Working towards goals12 
D/505/4067DP122Interpersonal skills13 
F/505/0447DP123Assertiveness and decision making skills12 
K/505/4069DP125Personal development skills13DP16
H/505/4068DP126Personal confidence and self awareness13 
L/505/4078DP127Improving own confidence13 
K/506/5007DP130Developing group and teamwork communication skills13DP66
T/507/2882SMP1Create an online profile using social media16 

Group D – optional units

unit no.
unit no.
Unit titleUnit LevelCredit valueBarred units
F/501/9523DP86Introduction to looking after customers in a retail environmentEntry 33DP48
H/501/5190DP93Introduction to retail skillsEntry 33 
A/502/4834DP94Introduction to the hospitality industryEntry 31 
J/502/4898IH01Customer service in the hospitality industry13DP48
T/502/5075IH09Using kitchen equipment11 
Y/507/9596IH10Serving food and drinkEntry 32 
J/600/0711IH11Basic food preparationEntry 32 

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