ACD5 – VTCT (Skillsfirst) Level 5 Diploma in Leadership and Management for Adult Care (RQF)

Qualification summary

Managers in adult social care hold a pivotal position in ensuring that services can respond fully to the needs and aspirations of those use their provision. Managers must ensure that their service can rise to the challenge of delivering person centred support in the context of increasing demand, through strong leadership, a robust values base, commitment to partnership working, willingness to innovate and shrewd business acumen.

This qualification sets out the minimum requirements for those who manage care and support services for adults in England. It also confirms the required competence for those undertaking the Leader in Adult Care Apprenticeship Standard.

The VTCT (Skillsfirst) Level 5 Diploma in Leadership and Management for Adult Care (RQF) recognises the knowledge, skills and behaviours needed to manage governance and regulatory processes, person-centred practice for positive outcomes, resources, safeguarding, protection and risk. It also recognises communication skills, relationships and partnership working, professional development, supervision and performance management, self-management, decision-making and entrepreneurial skills and innovation.

This qualification is suitable for those learners already within a management role in adult care who manage teams and/or projects, and achieve operational or departmental goals and objectives, as part of the delivery of the organisations strategy. It could also be suitable for those having the ability and the opportunity to demonstrate recognisable management and leadership skills who are accountable to a senior manager or business owner. Potential job roles for those learners working towards this qualification might include:

  • Managers of residential services
  • Assistant managers of residential services
  • Assistant managers
  • Senior care workers
  • Day service managers
  • Day service assistant managers
  • Managers of domiciliary services
  • Assistant mangers of domiciliary services
  • Managers of community based services

Learners achieving this qualification could progress into higher level employment within the sector or undertake degree courses in their specialist area. It could also be used as CPD for experienced and specialist managers in adult care seeking a qualification to recognise their competence.

It is supported nationwide by employers. For a list of the training providers and colleges who deliver this qualification in your area please contact our customer services team.

VTCT (Skillsfirst) Level 5 Diploma in Leadership and Management for Adult Care (RQF) Handbook

Qualification structure

Learners need to complete a minimum of 90 credits to achieve this qualification.

All units must be achieved from Group M and a minimum of 14 credits from Group O.

Guided Learning Hours (GLH) are 443

Total Qualification Time (TQT) is 900

Qualification numberQualification reference

Group M – mandatory units

unit no.
unit no.
Unit titleLevelCredit value
F/650/0684ACS15Leadership and management in adult care services54
H/650/0685ACS16Governance and regulatory processes in adult care services55
J/650/0686ACS17Decision making in adult care services53
K/650/0687ACS18Business and resource maanagement in adult care services53
L/650/0688ACS19Team leadership in adult care services53
M/650/0689ACS20Team leading and development in adult care services 53
Y/650/0690ACS21Supervising others  in adult care services 53
A/650/0691ACS22Safeguarding  in adult care services 54
D/650/0692ACS23Mental capacity  in adult care services 53
F/650/0693ACS24Partnership working  in adult care services 55
H/650/0694ACS25managing comments and complaints in adult care services54
J/650/0695ACS26Leading the vision in adult care services53
K/650/0696ACS27Promoting continuing improvement in adult care services53
L/650/0697ACS28Effective communication in adult care services54
M/650/0698ACS29Handling information in adult care services53
R/650/0699ACS30Leading person-centred practice in adult care services55
F/650/0700ACS31Promoting health and well-being in adult care services53
H/650/0701ACS32Promoting equality, diversity, inclusion and human rights in adult care services54
J/650/0702ACS33Promoting health and safety in adult care services54
J/650/0703ACS34Promoting health and safety in adult care services53
K/650/0704ACS35Promoting personal well-being in adult care services54

Group O – optional units

unit no.
unit no.
Unit titleLevelCredit value
K/602/5200AG19Undertake research for the service and its clients45
L/616/7877CA26Understand personalisation in care and supported servcies54
J/602/3101CH33Undertake treatments and dressings of lesions and wounds34
K/602/3169CH34Carry out wound drainage care34
Y/602/0968CH64Contribute to effective multidisciplinary team working33
D/650/0476DSC1Use devices and handle information in social care settings34
F/650/0477DSC2Be safe and responsible online in social care settings33
H/650/0478DSC3Access and use online learning development resources33
A/503/8135EOL303Understand advance care planning33
M/601/9494HSC3007Support the development of community partnerships45
A/601/9174HSC3055Identify the physical health needs of individuals with  mental health needs and plan approriate actions45
M/503/8133HSC3071Support the spritual well-being of individuals33
T/503/8134HSC3073Lead and manage end of life care servcies57
A/504/2217HSC3085Lead practice in assessing and planning for the needs of families and carers53
T/615/4492HSC4006Assessment, implementation and review of assistive technology in social care44
F/602/2853LHS25Lead the management of transitions54
K/602/2572LHS26Lead positive behavioural support710
T/601/5253LHS38Support individuals with multiple conditions and/or disabilities55
F/502/3295LHS39Independent mental capacity advocacy412
L/502/3297LHS41Providing independent advocacy management411
T/602/3174LHS51Lead and manage group living for adults55
A/506/1981ML31Discipline and grievance management43
T/506/1994ML37Conduct quality audits43
A/506/1995ML38Manage a budget44
R/506/2909ML43Recruitment, selection and induction46
K/601/6190PDOP32Work with other professionals and agencies to support individuals with physical disability33

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